Chickens Starter Package (No Chooks)

Chickens Starter Package (No Chooks)


  • Cluckingham Palace
  • 5 kg Feeder – Holds 5kg of feed (1-2 weeks worth for 2-3 chickens)
  • 20kg Certified Organic Chicken feed – your eggs are only as organic as their feed!
  • 6 litre Water Bowl – The easiest and best way to keep water fresh
  • Bag of Straw – for nests
  • Chicken Care guide
  • Plenty of friendly advice on the day of installation
  • Free Delivery and Installation




This package suits those that would like to take advantage of the full starter package but would like to pick out and provide your own chickens. In the starter package including chickens, I pre select your chickens, however if you would like to purchase and pick your own chickens (or would like a breed other than the ‘browns’) then this package if for you. I supply a list of breeders for you to contact.