Garden Goodies Sheep Manure Delivered

Garden Goodies Sheep Manure Delivered


Garden Goodies Sheep Manure is a natural, organic, slow release fertilizer and is high in phosphorus and potassium, which are essential elements for optimal plant growth. By using this type of manure (alongside others such as VERIGROW and FAB FERTS), the plants will develop very strong root systems and enable it to defend itself against pests and disease. Allowing them to grow to their fullest.

Low Nitrogen, High Phosphorus, High Potassium. The perfect addition for fruiting and edible gardens but can and should be used in any garden soil improvement.

Suburban Farmer always uses GGSM in every garden installed and lovingly tended to.

$15per 100L bag

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1 Bag ($10 Delivery Fee), 2 bags ($10 Delivery Fee), 3 bags ($10 Delivery Fee), 4 bags ($10 Delivery Fee), 5 bags ($10 Delivery Fee), 6 bags ($10 Delivery Fee), 7 bags ($10 Delivery Fee), 8 bags ($10 Delivery Fee), 9 bags ($10 Delivery Fee), 10 bags ( Free Delivery)