My awesome friend Ramiz has this beautifully made fantastic garden addition to your gardening. I have been using Verigrow on my own gardens and community gardens now for a very long time not only as a direct application but also an additive to my compost tea’s. Verigrow is a wonderful, organic fertiliser, soil improver and plant tonic. It is the first ever to be made with Australian waste wool. It is a sustainable and biodegradable green product.


  • All-purpose fertiliser, soil improver, plant tonic.
  • Made from waste wool.
  • Contains valuable amino acids.
  • Suitable for all plants.
  • Can be used all year round.
  • Can effectively be applied to soil and / or foliage.
  • Best results from regular application.
  • Organically made.

Suitable for:

  • Home gardens
  • Organic Hydroponics.
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