Backyard Chickens

We specialise in introducing families to the joys of keeping chickens


We specialise in introducing chickens to families that have never had chickens of their own, offering plenty of practical hints and tips that will help your chickens quickly adjust to their new home.

Backyard Chickens are easier to look after than you think

The needs of chickens are simple; shelter from the sun and rain, a comfortable place to lay eggs, a small space to scratch around in, fresh water and lots of kitchen or garden scraps. Chickens are the cornerstone of recycling and composting in your garden turning kitchen scraps into fresh eggs and provide fertiliser for your vegetable garden and compost.

Most importantly, you know what they eat and therefore know the quality of the eggs you eat.

No hormones, no treated feeds, no cramped cages, just a good life for your hens, and fresh nutritious eggs for you!

A comparison that you just have to taste for yourself.

You’ll be amazed at the difference eating an egg that is only a day, an hour or 5 minutes old! With calcium rich hard shells, the yolks are large and packed full of essential nutrients. The white is full of body and hugs the yolk when you crack it in your frying pan for breakfast. Cakes and muffins are light and fluffy and more moist compared to cooking with store bought eggs.

Owning chickens means

Greeting your ‘girls’ in the morning and be thanked with a warm freshly laid egg for breakfast.

Knowing that your eggs are coming from happy hens that aren’t cooped up in inhumane cages.

You can be sure that the eggs you are eating are nutritionally superior as they are fresh and organic.

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