Your Own
Organic Produce

with Suburban Farmer

We promote self-sufficiency in your backyard with vegetables, herbs, fruit, fish and eggs amongst the produce you can grow with help from Suburban Farmer.


You can grow any range of fresh herbs, vegetable and fruits with a custom vegetable garden set up by Suburban Farmer. Grow and eat food naturally, the way it should be!


Do you want access to fresh eggs laid this morning? Suburban Farmer can set up and help maintain your own chicken pen. You’ll never buy store bought eggs again!


Marron, Barramundi, Trout, Yabbies! A fish farm in your backyard can provide you with a selection of fresh nutrient packed fish ready for your dinner or BBQ that day.


Why You Should Grow Your Own

If you are wary of the pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilisers used on the everyday fruits and vegetables bought at the supermarket, then you should consider growing your own food.

Control What You Eat

As a society, we are losing control on the chemicals and practices that are accepted as suitable to be used to grow our food. In the past 4 years, produce imported from overseas has increased by 80% and it is often from countries that have differing standards and ethics in food production.

Aren’t you tired of tasteless vegetables from the supermarket, or ‘fresh’ vegetables that deteriorate within days of purchase? Are you wary of genetically modified foods?

When growing your own, you know exactly what has gone into and onto your food.

Natural food as it should be
Chemical free. Pesticide free
Easy and inexpensive to maintain
Food that is fresh, great tasting & nutritious

Any Backyard, Any Budget, Anybody

Many people living in the suburbs would like to live a more sustainable lifestyle, but are discouraged by a perceived lack of space in a typical suburban backyard.

You don’t need to a lot space! Even a small space can be utilised with some clever planning, to provide you with home produced food.

You don’t need a lot of time! With a little amount of work you can produce an abundance of organically produced food all year round.

The aim is to simplify and enrich your life and to bring a little nature back into a hectic lifestyle, with a productive backyard and a place to escape the stresses of everyday life.


Photos by Suburban Farmer