About Us

Our passion for Self Sufficiency in the Backyard


Suburban Farmer is a local family run business that promotes self-sufficiency in your backyard with fresh vegetables, eggs and fish amongst the produce you can grow with help from Suburban Farmer.

The Suburban Farmer:  Weh Yah Come From?

WHAA GWAAN everyone!! My name is Mark aka The Rasta Gardener aka Suburban Farmer!

I am the owner of Suburban Farmer. My intention is to show you my ways of HOLISTIC ORGANIC GARDENING and LIFESTYLE/LIVITY. It all starts with YOU and within your own backyards. With my help, you will become a greater and more enthusiastic gardener with a healthy lean towards PRACTICING and PROMOTING SUSTAINABLE GARDENING, PERMACULTURE, ETHICAL FARMING, SELF RELIANCE, RAISING YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS and LOVE, for yourself, your life and your garden!

For many years now, I’ve been very active amongst the commUNITY in getting my style of ORGANIC NATURAL ROOTSMAN GARDENING out into the open. Sharing my techniques and RASTAFARI LIVITY – way of Living and Gardening – to hopefully inspire, motivate and uplift some of you out there to look differently at of your garden and to help engage you with a HOLISTIC APPROACH to life and to your backyard farm however big or small.

I want to help you create your own REVOLUTION. Help you understand the different ways of NATURE and how we will interact for the rest of our lives together to create something Beautiful, something Upful, something Purposeful and Bright.

Let me take you back to where I first started and explain why I am here now!

My I’lahful Likkle Lion Cub Lola and her Poppy the Suburban Farmer! I do this for the youth. Heartical Love to my Dawta Magpie and Rex. Dog of ALL Dogs.

Some know me as The Rasta Gardener, some know me as a part time irrigator – full time irritator 😊 I’ve always been an attracted to gardening since I was a little Lion playing in my Nonno and Nonna’s left over market garden in Balcatta, hammering away in the old tool shed, all day in my own world wandering around eating fruit and veg, chasing the chooks and exploring the huge property that even had it’s own creek and massive Almond tree we used to play under.

When we would get home, Nonna would always cook us up something to eat, not once going to the shops for anything. From growing and milling their own Buckwheat flours, to Sunday chook roasts (always counted one less chook each week passing), right through to a medicine cabinet not found inside the house but in a small patch of garden out the back. I Guess this is all where it started from…Being Self Reliant.

Many years went by as life takes you all around, and when you settle, it’s usually at the right place, right time. This is when I had decided it was time to take my passion to the sky up towards MT Zion! I did my HORTICULTURE COURSES, studied as many books as I could but found there was something more important than reading and watching, and that was to put it all into action! Feeling the Natural Positive Vibrations and roots of it all. As I was living with my Father at this time, he would often say “Go do something” so one day I did. Genesis of I Garden. Dad went to work one day with a back lawn in tack, and lo when he returned, he found a huge hole and grass ripped up everywhere. Run for cover, Rasta Gardener taking over!

To this day the backyard has had many changes (AQUAPONICS, CHICKENS, FRUIT TREES AND VEG GARDENS, HYDROPONICS, COMPOST BAYS, MEDICINAL AREAS, HOOP HOUSES, SHADE HOUSES, SEEDLING AND PROPAGATION AREAS, RESTING AREAS ETC) but the tiny bit of grass left is rapidly disappearing and being replaced all the time with something else. Victory is Certain.

In taking on the work Jah Rastafari gave me to do, it has allowed me to prosper in my own right and give back to our commUNITY as we all should do in one way or another. Many people have told me over my time “Mark drop the Dreadlock thing”, you know “be like us” type of talk. Cha! How can I be someone else, I am that I am, I am, I am. Rastafari is not just a Dreadlock thing, but a Devine Conception of The Heart in everything we do. We are a Rootical, Heartical, I’ritual (Spiritual) people with a Oneness to all Living things, LOVE and God. So, I will be me and Let My Natty Grow, I will continue to Give Thanks to Life, The Life Giver, to everyone and every experience I have and you have had from this day to that day forward. Also I would like to give a quick mention to the HORTICULTURE LECTURERS and MENTORS near and far, past and present, that have helped me over the years  (you know who you are, Big Raspect to The Rastafari I’ncients Farming Project, W.S.P.C, and The Brig!!) , it is these folk who put in the hard work training the future and nurturing the paving of the way for new ideas and inspirations, taking care of the generations before and after.

These people have helped me tremendously and now because of their awesome assistance, I am now in a position to pay it forward and help all of you that want to learn from me.

So, come with I as we deh pon this awesome adventure and let’s get growing. Let’s cause a REVOLUTION – DISGUISED AS ORGANIC GARDENING!! Come Grow your Food and Your Consciousness with SUBURBAN FARMER. Together we can Bring Back The UNITY in commUNITY

Let’s give thanks and praise to Jah Rastafari and may HIM bless our gardens always.

With plenty of friendly advice and the option of ongoing maintenance and supplies, Suburban Farmer gives you all the tools you need to nurture your family with nutrient rich and freshest possible organic produce.


Our passion is to make a difference to our community by sharing our self-sufficient lifestyle and making it possible for other families to experience this simple shift in the way we eat.