Consultation Services

Consultation Services


Consultation services are supplied on a per hour basis.

Suburban Farmer’s organically focused, personalised coaching and mentoring services are tailored to suit your lifestyle, landscape & budget.

Using permaculture and organic gardening techniques, our aim is to help you grow the best and most produce from your backyard.

Our coaching sessions empower gardeners of all levels to develop a variety of skills by providing hands-on learning and knowledgeable advice.

We have a range of coaching programs covering:

Self Sustainability
Creating and maintaining a sustainable garden
Helping you realise your personal vision for a sustainable lifestyle

Fish farms
Build and maintain your own fish farm
All aspects of growing edible fish

Building and maintaining a chicken coop
How to use chickens as the cornerstone of recycling and composting in your garden

Vegetable Gardens
What to plant, when to plant it
Maximise produce and maintain constant supply