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There are a few things inevitable in life, and having some darn pests invade your vegie garden is one of them.

Veggie gardens are a haven for all kinds of pests, some good some bad. The fact that we are planting edible foods is that it is not just edible for us humans!

I get asked so often about how to stop pesky snails or what are these little white moths on my lettuce etc etc so I thought I would put together all my favourite natural pest remedies in one list.

Garlic spray – There are so many recipes for garlic spray out there on the net, I even supply one in my vegie care guide, that you can easily make this yourself, or you can buy it from your garden shop, just ensure it is certified organic. Strong garlic smell deters almost any pests from aphids to snails.
When sprayed on vegetables it masks the smells of the veggies they want to eat and insects with soft-bodies will be killed by the spray.

Egg shells & coffee grounds – If you like your coffee and eggs then you are in luck. When the rain comes and the snails are out collect up your coffee grounds and egg shells and spread them through your garden beds to deter them attacking your lovely green leafy veggies.
On top of that coffee grounds are high in nitrogen and PH neutral while eggshells are high in calcium making them great fertiliser for your garden soil.

Fruit fly traps – If you have fruit trees particularly citrus or stone fruit no doubt you know a thing or two about fruit fly. Yes you can buy them quite cheaply from your local hardware or garden centre or try this.
Get your self a large bowl and fill with some fruit and vegie scraps, cover with glad wrap, poke some holes in the glad wrap with a toothpick and place under the affected trees. Fruit fly will get in and are unable to get out, attracted to the fermenting scraps. Then just get rid of them and replace.

Beer traps – This one breaks my heart – I do love a cold beer after a long days work, but take a jar, half fill with (cheap) beer and bury in your patch until the lip is just above the surface. Snails and slugs love it and will prefer the yeast over your veggies. Oh and please save your good beer for drinking!

Bigger pests – Most of us have one or more of these, dog, chicken, duck, rabbit – they all love to get dirty and generally love your vegie garden. There is not much you can do but give them a spray of the hose, although I have found with our free ranging rabbit that garlic spray also deters him from eating the veggies straight from the plot.
If you are having real trouble with bigger pests it is best you fence your veggies off and keep them clear of your patch as these cute and fun pests never seem to learn!

Try these out and you will also find lots more all over the net, but using these natural deterrents above I suspect you will keep your veggies safe and sound.