Plant Vegetables Using The Football Season Rule

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It’s the start of the football season! The really good news as you will have a better vegetable garden because of it.

Let’s face it, you don’t need to follow the football to know when the season starts or finishes. It is on the news, family are talking about it, as are the people at work. You can’t escape it!

Whether you do or don’t follow the football it doesn’t matter. Nor does it matter if you prefer soccer, basketball, or hockey over football. The football season rule still applies.

So what is the football season rule?

The start or end of the sporting season serves as a reminder that it’s the start of a new planting season. It’s is easy to remember and you will be automatically reminded when it’s the right time of year.

You will never again plant the wrong plant at the wrong time if you follow the football season rule.

How to apply the rule:

The football season starts in March and ends in September. Perfect! Winter veggies are planted in early March and Summer veggies are planted at the end of September.

You will never forget the best time to plant vegetables again!

Plant Vegetables!

1) Find a sport that you either love or cannot escape.

2) Write a list of the plants that need to be planted at the start of the next sporting season, such as Broccoli, Beans and Potatoes. At the end of the sporting season your list will include Tomatoes, Corn and Cucumber.

3) Celebrate the start of another sporting season!