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(Original concept 4WD’ing Responsibly 2013)

Wadada! Wadada means LOVE in Amharic. This is where the foundation of unity comes from. And within the word community is the word UNITY. So often we come across this word commUNITY. But recently we seem to have forgotten the suffix in commUNITY. Times are hard at the moment, which is to say why it is so important that we remember what common unity is. Togetherness. In a world of independence, which is great in its own right, it can sometimes make us become somewhat selfish, distant/isolated/depressed and sometimes, unable to work together for a common goal. It is being caused by distraction. We are all to often bombarded with technology, ways and avenues to make things SEEM easier, less cumbersome and more efficient. But, at to what cost? Peripherally speaking, we are losing how to play together like days of old. Social Media, global issues, societal issues, etc all play a part individually. But notice how within that individuality, there is commonality. We are ALL going through something similar. Not all the same things, but we are all feeling it.

For more than 15 years I-man (me) has been singing the praises of UNITY within the commUNITY. All the way back to my old conservation 4WD club – 4WD’ing Resposibly. Where we worked together to bring over 10 clubs together all to help conserve and clean the tracks and locations we visited. The Governments did not help us, so we had to come together to deal with these situations. Individually, it became very hard, but together we found we all had a common goal. Through major fires and clean ups, floods, rubbish collecting and pride in our areas, we created something so dramatically different to the norm that it inspired others to do likewise. We were UPLIFTING the profile and PRACTICING AND PROMOTING SUSTAINIBILITY.

So, how can we help ourselves and thus, each other. By breaking the boundary of worldly perception that we are alone in this, no one cares and everyone has their own issues and creating TOGETHERNESS as one. The world is beautiful out there, if you choose to see it. The beauty increases as we experience this together. Uplift and motivate one another to seek GOODNESS and LIGHT, LOVE and LAUGHTER, RENEWING of LIFE and acceptance of DEATH. Cycles, ebbs and flows, ups and downs, the whole nine yards. Yes, we need our alone time to process things, but too much aloneness can cause our brains to overthink and take away fullness of LIFE and in it’s place, bring anxiety etc. This is normal and is increasing with modern times of distraction and confusion.

What can we do? Many things in fact. Things that involve grouping and teamwork. Things that cultivate togetherness with our fellow human beings. Teamwork activities such as commUNITY gardens are a great place to start re-integrating forward to togetherness again. CommUNITY gardens create a place and space for growing. Everything from plants, consciousness, and most importantly – LOVE and TOGETHERNESS.

There are many, many commUNITY gardens out there, in almost every suburb nowadays so I am sure there is one near you. It is ok to feel you need space and time to readjust, and that commUNITY gardens may not suit everyone. We don’t need to be at the same level, just going in the same direction is all.

So there are other things like, volunteering. Volunteering gives us a sense of fullness. Instead of being paid money to do a job that may have little substance, this gives you a payment that is far greater than silver and gold. Helping and doing what is GOODLY for no other benefit than to see LIFE, LOVE and TOGETHERNESS/UNITY.

Self-servitude expressively gives this. Whether it is at a sports club, garden club, walking club, car club, outdoor activity club, reading/book club, bowls, helping the needy and less fortunate, the hungry being fed, naked clothed, sick nourished, aged protected and children cared for and nurtured etc. There will be something for you. But you have to allow it and work for your payment of TOGETHERNESS. With yourself, and, with others.

Physical activities that require working with others to get a job done for everyone. Contribution based togetherness for the WIN!

Since a lot of us are on social media and may not be ready yet to socially interact, we can also do a lot on there too to help uplift us and motivate us to interact with others and nature. How? Well, we can share stories, listen to others, create a safe and honest place, kindness..Oh that’s a lovely thing, sharing pictures (photowalks) that create happiness and serotonin, and no judgement. Judgement on others and ourselves.

Let me tell you one last story of how one individual is strong and how together we can be stronger. Ok, so I have a candle. It is lit and we are all in a dark room. My candle, whilst it gives light, sometimes, this is not sufficient for all of us to share. So, I notice, someone next to me has a candle too, but is not lit. I lean over and light the candle. Now we have two candles giving light off. We then notice another person with an unlit candle, so on we go and light that one up too, and so on and so forth until there is soo much light now, we can all sight each other’s beautiful faces and if you have noticed, the candles burn brightly, but has not diminished our personal light at all, in fact, it has grown majestically. This couldn’t be done alone. This can only be done together.

What’s that I hear? TOGETHERNESS has created UNITY. We have now come together with a common need. Add that all together and we have now just grown our commUNITY.

Give Thanks and Praises
Ras MARK – Suburban Farmer