Keep Your Vegetable Gardening Passion Alive

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If you keep putting off gardening jobs or work in your garden seems like a chore, then you might be experiencing or have lost the passion you had when you first started your veggie garden.

A great way to keep motivated and passionate about your veggie garden is to plant some really interesting and unusual plants. Rather than planting the same old tomatoes every year, try something different! You will be more motivated to see your interesting plants through to harvest and reinvigorate your passion for your garden making the GARDENING EXPERIENCE irie and over flow with the fullness of LIFE..

To find unusual seedlings, seeds or shrubs you will need to do a little bit of searching. It might mean a drive to a country nursery or a garden centre off the beaten track – make a day of it! Also don’t forget you can search and order online. Just make sure that there are no BIO SECURITY issue and that in fact the seedlings/plants are suitable to Perth.

Here are some awesome and unusual examples of what you can buy and grow in Australia:


Peanuts are very easy to grow and will actually improve your soil as they grow (peanuts are a nitrogen fixer). When you tell your friends you grew them yourself they will think you are peanuts!


One of the worlds healthiest foods and very a productive plant that will produce a years’ worth of turmeric in a single growing season. Super good for internal healing.


A very hardy plant with berries full of antioxidants. Don’t mind being in containers and can be grown almost anywhere in Australia. Comes in a shrub or vine variety. Great likkle snack for likkle lion cubs school lunches or big lions and lionesses.


You can grow and roast your own coffee bean at home. Can you imagine the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans engulfing your kitchen before you make yourself the best cuppa you have ever had! Arabica is my favourite but grow both Robusta and Arabica. You will be the envy of your block!


The fruit grows with an olive like skin and is about the same size of an apple. The flesh is soft and rich like a chocolate mousse that you picked right from the tree. Prefers sub-tropical climates. A fantastic addition and super tasty.


Make your own capers by pickling these buds. Productive enough to supply your entire street with capers. Great plant for beginners too. Perfect for learning on.


A fast growing,  self-pollinating Kiwi fruit that produces masses of miniature size kiwi fruit. Two or more vines is best for productive fertilisation. Can be a bit finicky to grow here but if it does take off, so will your taste buds!


This Australian native citrus produces long slender fruit filled with a tangy pulp. Super dense in nutrition, able to resist a lot of attacks, grows with little assistance once established and doesn’t need nutrition like other citrus. Still some feeding is required dependant on the root stock variety, but in most case only little amounts of feed is needed. Requires grafting onto citrus rootstock for reliable output.


A vigorous Mexican plant that produces mini watermelons that taste like cucumber with lime. Grow just like you would a cucumber, great for creeping everywhere so you will always have endless fun looking for these treasures.

Now that you have found a curious new addition to your garden, make sure you do your research into the best place to plant and maintain it, or simple give me a call. The extra excitement will turn into extra devotion and thus extra creation!

Tell me some of the unusual things you are growing at home in the comments section below!

Majestic Blessings and Love, Ras Mark SUBURBAN FARMER.