NFT Hydroponics System

NFT Hydroponics System


Designed to fit anywhere, indoors, outdoors, balconies, patio’s, and any smaller spaces where traditional soil gardens can’t, our hydroponic system is the perfect start-up system for any backyard grower looking to grow more vegetables. Perfect for those who have little space but big dreams.

You can grow a wide variety of leafy vegetables and all of your herbs, saving you money, trips to the supermarket and food miles. Trusting what you grow and how it’s grown is paramount.

The system is very simple to operate, making it and fun and easy for any age, mobility and skill level. Easily upgradable to a larger system.

Each system includes all of the channels needed, framework, all the plumbing/reservoir, 700L water pump, digital timer and advice/after care/user manuals you need to get you growing.

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Each system comes in 2 sizes and includes:

2 rail and 6 rails.

  • 2 or 6 x 1m long food-grade PVC channels plus a seedling rail
  • 2 or 6 x 1m long removable top/covers for easy cleaning
  • End caps (blank and spout) for all channels
  • 2 rail system – each channel has 4 holes at 20cm a part (total of 8 plants)
  • 6 rail system – each channel has 4  + 3 holes at 20cm a part (total 18 plants)
  • Square aluminium framework with slope
  • Complete plumbing (inlets and outlet) and reservoir (50l)
  • 700L water pump and digital timer
  • Growing manual/instructions

Suburban Farmer also offers:

One part organic plant tonic/feed in both veg and flower/bloom (stock free products used – no animal products)

Start up seedling pack (24 coir pods, seedling tray and dome plus seasonal seeds)

Optional seedling rail (10 holes) $99

Delivery and installation are included on the large system only. For other sizes $100 set up

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2 rail system, 6 rail system