Spring Fever

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After all that winter weather and (I hope) lots of eating winter veggies I think its safe to say we all long for our spring and summer veggie garden.

Below are some tips to make the most of your spring garden.

  • Clear the winter beds completely and refresh your soil with a good mix of organic compost, and manure leave it to breath a few weeks before planting and ensure you keep it moist, particularly if your winter rains have suddenly dried up.
  • This is also the best time to test pH levels with a simple test kit and add required nutrients to get the soil right.
  • Stagger plant so you get both quickly producing vegies and those that will take longer to be ready for harvest and plant smaller amounts every few weeks to ensure a steady supply.
  • Keep up regular weeding, yes it is everyone’s least favourite job BUT the most important.
  • Grow from seed now, keep them inside under a sunny window sill can ensure great results.
  • And always use quality seeds and seedlings to get the best result from your garden.

Then sit back with a cold beer/wine/softie and enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of your labour.

Jason your Suburban Farmer