How doing nothing CAN help YOU and Your Vegetable Garden do something irie

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What if I could tell you that doing nothing in the garden can help you have a better, more fulfilling and conscious vegetable garden journey? How can doing nothing actually be doing something? Let me explain the importance of stillness within our gardens and thus our LIVES.

We all lead pretty fast paced and hectic lives. Work, shopping, kids, family, friends etc, can fill our days without leaving much time to spend in the garden. When you come home from work, tired and stressed and pour that glass of wine, spliff or grab your favourite book to read, don’t collapse on the couch. Head out to your garden! Get ready to do nothing.

This is your time, a time to reconnect and relax, time to sit still and savour the sweetness of Creation. Humble yourself and immerse yourself in one of the greatest gifts from Jah. Life and Love. Time to OBSERVE movement of LIFE in STILLNESS.

This is great for me, but how does this help my veggie garden?

Because you are there, without trying or using precious energy – you are observing and connecting with your garden:

“Perhaps the garden needs a water”.

“Hmm those snails are really getting to the lettuce”.

“I will need to stake those tomatoes this weekend”.

These are the types of things that will cross you mind just by standing in front of your garden. Hopefully getting you to, as the old saying goes, STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES. Quieten down the stresses of daily life grind, and LIVELY UP YOURSELF in the essence of Jah Love. Think of it as a form of FORREST BATHING (FOR-REST BATHING) as in the literal meaning for the word FORREST. Rastafari we say FOR-REST as that’s exactly what it should be used for. Resting InI minds. Groundation in your garden foundation is the best way to see what is happening within your garden ecology. Groundation is like foundation only, rootical, only natural, only upful. You see, in todays forceful world we often loose ourselves and need some form of guidance and reassurance things aren’t always so hectic. This CONditioning leads to the feeling of obstruction from our LIVING LIVES and LIVITY. Alternatively, it can also lead to the feeling of GROUNDATION.  When one REALIZES the BALANCE is out, we must find Connectiveness with the I’niverse (Universe) AND ALL THE GLORY within. Blocking out unwanted negativity and replacing it with prosperity and light. POSITIVE VIBRATIONS.

How can we do this when we have so much to do. Another question of even more greatness is, how can you not. If we do not stop and smell these roses, soon come the day we do decide and low, they’re all dying. If we had of taken the chance to reward ourselves and refill ourselves, we might have noticed the dying roses. Hence the importance of taking time out to nourish ourselves as we do our gardens and all other factor of life.

Connect your daily ritual with your vegetable garden and you will spend more time in the garden without even trying. Stresses will become more prioritised and quietened over time as you get used to allowing yourself to be with your garden. This is not a disregarding of chores or responsibilities but rather an allowance of treating and being responsible for your spirit and consciousness , making for  better existence all round. LIVING.

The most successful gardens are not necessarily those that require a lot of physical work. The most successful gardens are the ones where people just spend time. This in itself is a beautiful yield.

So go and get yourself engaged with disengagement, go allow yourself the time to revitalise and stand tall inna your garden. For all the work that you have done, one day you shall be rewarded by the Sun. Don’t waste time, tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

Big Up and Blessings to you all. Ras Mark SUBURBAN FARMER.