What can I expect from my AQUAPONICS?

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How much fresh fish and vegetable produce can you expect from your backyard aquaponics system? What makes a successful adventure? What are your aspirations and concerns?

Read this if your goal is to produce all the fresh fish and vegetables you need whilst having the best fun, learning, teaching, growing, fishing?!?

That’s right! Imagine fishing for Barramundi or Perch in your own backyard! What if you went one better and fished Barramundi from a boat in your backyard!

Fishing from a boat in your backyard catching fresh barramundi for the dinner party is a night your guests won’t forget! My old bredda and I used to fly fish for Barra and Perch in suburban Perth.

This customer had an existing pond/water feature that we converted to aquaponics with a backyard aquaponics grow bed installed by Suburban Farmer.

Many people I speak to take aquaponics very seriously! I agree that if you invest in something you should certainly expect some results – however many people expect their aquaponics system to be responsible for all their fish and vegetable needs! In a typical aquaponics system in a backyard setting, this is simply not the case as spacing and costings come in to play.

Treat your aquaponics system as a hobby, have fun with it and experiment, experiment, experiment!

Be patient, take the time and become confident with your new hobby. Take a one day workshop with me or purchase my AQUAPONICS USER MANUALS, read and learn from other experts, stay clear of video platforms with sometimes questionable and often dangerous information, leaving you with not only a bad taste in your mouth, dead or dying life, poorly build and structured system that fails constantly etc, but also a big bill and potentially a large distain for your hobby.

Try planting different types of vegetables and fruits, roots and rhizomes. Don’t just go with the same old veg, try push the level out a bit. Learn the habits of fish and become more confident growing a range of species, even together (for more information about coexistence in small areas, contact me).  It’s not uncommon to grow barramundi, silver perch and marron all in the same tank with excellent results. If you aren’t sure if something will work, give it a try and see what happens or again, contact me for advice.

Don’t bank on the results of your system. Sure you will get plenty of vegetables and fresh fish at the end of a successful season if you’ve done your homework and preparation. But remember, like all forms of farming there will be mistakes, losses, and unforeseen circumstances that result in reduced harvests or at times no produce for long periods of time. This negative is also the best positive way to learn and overstand what went wrong, what went right and why these things occurred.

Aquaponics in the backyard is a fun and exciting hobby, with plenty to learn, and rewards that include harvests of fish and vegetables, basic engineering, science, aquaculture, physics, genesis or life, commUNITY growing and gatherings, produce swaps etc .

Treat it just as this and the experience will be so much more rewarding. Put too much pressure on yourself is like putting too much pressure on your system, It may handle it, but chances are, it wont do so well. Less is more, and more is less. Meaning, less stress and expectation means more fondness and love for your aquaponics journey. More learning and doing it in small steps with an expert rather than an enthusiast makes for less hardship and falls, with more win’s and peaks!

So whilst you’re investing in your system, invest in a short course with Suburban Farmer. Contact me today.

Find adventure and excitement in all things you do! Give Thanks and Praises in all things you do. Look for FULLNESS of Life and Love more, ALWAYS LOVE MORE. 

Selassie I Jah

as MARK suburban farmer