The One Secret Ingredient hook!

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Read this to uncover the one secret ingredient to make your vegetable garden a success! One thing to FOOL them all…

In this day and age, we are led to believe that there is one magic ingredient that will result in guaranteed success of our veggie gardens. In every suburb there is a garden centre with isles of products a mile long, we have “experts” on TV and radio recommending products all day and night, and with the internet you can search and find plenty of weird and wonderful products not normally available in your local area. All with one thing in common. They all claim to be The One. Do not be fooled!

So, what IS their “Secret” ingredient?

There isn’t one!!! However, a secret that I can share is, that many different things all contribute in some way to the overall success in your veggie patch. Holistically!

There is no ONE thing.

So rather than put all your hopes into a big bag of fertiliser with a flash image or personality on it, rather than go for the most Garden Expert Looking person over the old gardener down the road, rather than be caught by the best catchy marketing, jingle or product or constant Social Media unsolicited flooding of said products and instead, try several different types of fertilisers, soil building techniques, different farming ideas from different area’s, talk to as many different gardeners, nurseries and growers as you can manage and then apply what suits your needs.

Application of different Garden Care and Building idea’s from a variety of sources will result in far more potential for greater productivity when compared to the repeat use of a single type of GARDEN GIMMICK MAGIC. Even if it is sold as “WHAT THE EXPERTS USE”. Doing this will allow you to create a bespoke regime for your yard.

Overstanding that there is no ONE THING, and that gardening is made up of multiple things, methods and formulations. Well, there is ONE THING and it’s that Blessed Mumma Earth was built by the MASTER BUILDER of Creation and knowing that Blessed Mumma Earth has it right helps in relieving our anxiety. We just need to assist sometimes. But in the end, Blessed Mumma Earth has all provisions needed to make an Irie Garden burst into and live a long life! She need’s no magic tricks,  for she IS Mystic.

Don’t forget that there are a range of FREE sources of nutrients, amendments and additives that will also contribute to your vegetable garden. Finished your morning coffee? Tip the last of the cup onto your garden and compost the spent coffee grinds. Had a party and have a few beer bottles to clear? Tip the remnants onto the soil in your garden or compost before disposing of the bottles. Need a wee? Off to the lemon tree and, you guessed it, it’s FREE. Do you have heaps of garden waste (free), why not compost it! Also consider a range of alternative nutrient sources such as compost teas (free), rinsed seaweed (free), weed teas (free), grass clippings (free), the list goes on!

Blessed Gardening Farmers, Ras Mark SUBURBAN FARMER.